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  • What is Al Diwan Digital Reader?

    Is a digital platform that contains all the books provided by f the Ministry of Education with the possibility of using the tools of reading recognized and obtain a digital copy of books

    The Al Diwan Platform was established under the direction of the government of the United Arab Emirates, based on the vision of the wise leadership, to promote and move the continuous learning wheel forward, in order to build a society characterized by leadership, culture, knowledge and innovation.

    The Ministry of Education established this platform, which allows teachers and students from the government and private schools to view and interact with the learning curriculum electronically in a smooth and interesting manner and allows them to download electronic copies of the various books available for all subjects, to recall them at any time and access them from any location.

    This platform is another step in developing, improving, and raising the efficiency of education in the United Arab Emirates, which spared no effort in providing the best teaching and learning methods available, supporting the hopes of its students to tap into modern Science, so that they can serve their country to achieve the prestigious position it deserves.

  • How many Platforms are available for Al Diwan?

    Al Diwan has four platforms (Web, Windows App, iOS, Android)

  • What are the tools that can I use on Al Diwan platforms?

    • Book Scaling / Panning
    • Bookmark
    • Highlight
    • Note
    • Reading Support Tools
    • Support Process
    • Google search: feature that allow user to get more information for the selected text.
    • Wikipedia: feature that allow user to get more information form Wikipedia for the selected text.
    • Translate: feature that allow user to translate selected text.
    • Speak: feature that allow system to pronounce "say" selected text.
  • Do I need special software or hardware to read books on Al Diwan?

    All you need is your PC, laptop or hand-held device (iOS, Win, Android). The users should have a SSO account to be allowed login and use the Al Diwan in platforms

  • What is the books format on Al Diwan?

    All the books on Al diwan available on Epub3 Format

  • How can I create username and password to use Al Diwan?

    The end user should use the MoE account that provided to, and there is no way to create new user account as the account related to MoE Authentication system

  • Can I download books on to my hand-held device?

    Yes, of course for the Al Diwan Apps you can download the books through the platforms app you are using your MoE username and password

  • Can I print and copy my books?

    No, you can’t... as it is digital copy you can read the books use the tools as highlight text, Add Notes, book add book mark on the page.

  • How do I get help if I get a problem?

    You will find vast amounts advice and troubleshooting information with your technical IT in your zone. Also, Al Diwan guides available on web site to show you how to use the Al Diwan, it will provide you with information. If you are not able to find a solution to your problem within the IT technical, please contact the MOE support on by 607017000 who will be happy to assist you and, will always try to respond to your request.

  • What are the benefits of reading books on Al Diwan?

    • The books Instantly available and user can get them any time and from any where
    • Search for the books available
    • Convenient - imagine loading several books onto a portable reading device.
    • Quick to download - the average book takes only 1-2minutes.
    • You can build a whole library of digital books and use your books.
    • Al Diwan reading software is easy to download from the internet “App store depend on the App that you are using” or through web.
  • I'm an Author, how can I make my book available on Al Diwan?

    Al Diwan does not deal with individual Authors and all the books available on it approved and should come from Ministry of Education

  • Can I be able to display my books in offline mode using the Al Diwan applications on Windows, iOS, and Android?

    Yes. You just need to sync with your account, connecting with internet and download the books in the first time. Once the book is downloaded onto your device, you can read them offline anytime anywhere!

  • Can I raise a ticket get support by Telephone

    Yes, if you are facing any technical issue, you should:

    1. Contact your Technical IT in your Zone
    2. Contact the MoE help desk through number 0607017000 or you can send email to open ticket



  • What are the types of the technical issue that I can face and how can I solve it?

    1. User can’t login: the problem is there is issue with your data in the MoE Authentication system or called SIS or SSO
      • Solution: call the technical IT in your zone to check and update your data. If not raise ticket by contact the MoE support in number 0607017000 or send email to
    2. Books not showing in catalog: the problem classified into points:
      • Your data or your books that assigned to you is wrong
        • Solution: call your technical IT in your zone to check and update your data if not contact the MoE support in number 0607017000 or send email to
      • The books not uploaded yet
        • Solution: call the technical IT in your zone to check if not contact the MoE support in number 0607017000 or send email to
    3. User data not synching between App’s and web:
      • Solution: Initially please check your internet connection in your device and make sure it is stable, if not check with the Technical IT in your zone
    4. Operating system not patched or has an issue
      • Solution:
      • Restart your device
      • If not call the technical IT in your zone to solve the issue
  • I attend / work at a private school, how can I register for access to Al Diwan?

    This can be done by pressing on the ‘Sign Up’ button on the Al Diwan login page. Please fill in your details and press on Apply …  after processing on our side, we will contact you to provide you with Passwords and confirm your access.


  • Can I login for 10 devices using my account in same time?

    No, you can’t, you can login maximum into three different devices in same time more than this the system will request to logout from one device to proceed the new login

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